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17 Mar

Free conference call  is an Internet based telephone conferencing service which enables you to have a free web conference meeting. The main advantage with this service is that you are able to keep your business running without having to spend money on travel, accommodation and various other fees. In a conventional phone conference, you would have to pay substantial fees for your employees' travelling expenses and for the hotels that they would have to stay in during the conference. This kind of service is very useful if you have meetings frequently, or if you work from home. It is also good for you if you are an entrepreneur who wants to have people listen to you speak over the phone.

Description Free Conference Call is a site founded by Scottrade in 2001 in Long Beach, California; it has now become one of the biggest providers of free conference call services on the internet. It offers three different services which are IP telephony, web conferencing and video conferencing. The software used for this service is the Scottrade Intuitive Conference Calling Software; the version 1.5. The free conference call software provides features which allow you to conduct free conference calls like recording the calls, play VoIP (voice over IP), record webinars and audio unlimited conferences, and much more.

Free Conference Calls uses the Skype application to facilitate the making of video calls and audio conference calls. If you are on a Skype account, then this is really easy to do since all you need to do is download the Skype application, log in to your Skype account, and access the Skype settings. You will see a link with an option for making free video calls; click on that option. Now you can send text messages, audio messages and do online meetings with people who have accounts.

Video Conferencing: Skype video conferencing is facilitated by the availability of group video calling. To participate in group video calling, you need to have a group account which is free of charge. Once you click on "Create Group" link, you will be provided with a group invitation which needs to be accepted by all the participants. When this is done, they will be automatically added to your Skype list and you will be able to send them Skype messages as well. You can also invite your friends to attend your online meetings through the same page.

Free Conference Calls allows the users to share presentations or documents online and hear what their online meeting participants say. This feature makes it easy for you to provide answers to questions or make corrections to documents shared online. Once you click on "Share Presentation", participants can see the presentation online and can then decide whether or not to join the call. It is also possible for callers to mute the speakers during the presentation. These features make Free Conference Call more popular among users.

Free Conference Calls does not only facilitate communication but it also helps you enhance your professional image by giving you a chance to promote your business. It is very important to have a good presentation when you are representing your business. With Free Conference Calls, you do not need to hire a professional video conferencing company to make your presentation because you can do everything yourself using the software. Even if you have just basic knowledge on computer, you can actually make a very effective presentation with the help of Free Conference Call. For instance, you can make a video where you talk about your latest product/service/profit/raid/announcement and upload it to the Free Conference Call so that other people can also view it and take your advice if it meets their business needs. You can get more enlightened on this topic by reading here:

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